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The Ultimate Epoxy Floor Protection.

AQUALAB PUR: A matte, satin, or glossy finish water-based polyurethane coating.

AQUALAB PUR is an essential top coat to prevent stains and yellowing of the epoxy caused by UV rays, and thus effectively protect epoxy floors. The product is offered in a Matte, Satin, or Glossy clear finish. Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

When applied at a thickness of 6 mils (wet) or 250/300 sq. ft. per gallon, satin and glossy finishes provide a smooth surface without the appearance of orange peel, making them perfect for protecting commercial, industrial or residential floors. Installation techniques to achieve a 6 mils thickness and avoid roll marks is shown in the video bellow. The Matte version does not provide orange peel even when installed at 2-3 mils (wet) or 500/800 sq. ft per gallon. The matte finish also reduces the visibility of scratches on residential epoxy floors.

For all three versions, make sure to backroll within two minutes to avoid roll marks. Do not overlook these important steps to preserve the beauty of your floors!

This protection is essential to prevent stains and yellowing of epoxy
caused by UV rays, effectively safeguarding epoxy floors.


Top Coat, High performance Water-Based Aliphatic Polyurethane

  • Best WB technology available worldwide (Isocyanate Cross Linked) surpassing even many solvent-based technologies
  • No Odor , Low VOC, Non-Yellowing & UV absorbers slowing the yellowing of the epoxy
  • Very strong adhesion and physical properties, best suited for the toughest applications (industrial)
  • Very high chemical and stain resistance
  • Improved cleanability compared to epoxies
  • GLOSS version available in Grey color – ideal to refresh old industrial epoxy floors
  • MATTE version best suited for residential and commercial applications