100% Solids, Non-Yellowing, Stain Resistant, Very Fast Curing Topcoat

The MAJESTIC TOP PRO ULTIMATE UV is a non-yellowing, stain resistant and very fast curing two-component (2A:1B) polyaspartic clear top coat designed for tabletops and countertops applications. It as been designed to be installed as a clear coat to protect epoxy surfaces and other substrates. This product is also VOC-free, 100% solids, virtually odor free and food safe. The product is translucid and does not yellow over time. It has better stain resistance and chemical resistance than epoxies. Best suited to protect or resurface several different surface types such as epoxy, wood, concrete, metals and more. The product is easily cleanable. You will also significantly reduce project completion times with the MAJESTIC TOP PRO ULTIMATE UV.

Majestic Top Pro Ultimate UV


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