The LABPOX 30 is a 100% solids, two-component (2A:1B), low-VOC, self-priming, and multi-purpose epoxy designed for concrete floor coatings. This product possesses superior mechanical properties, making it ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It offers a long pot life and working time. While the LABPOX 30 has been primarily designed as a topcoat epoxy, it can also be applied directly to concrete as it is self-priming. For heavy or high-traffic applications, we recommend using Labsurface’s EPOXY PRIMER before installing the LABPOX 30. The LABPOX 30 formulation is based on high-performance cycloaliphatic polyamine technology, displaying outstanding properties and ensuring a superior aesthetic finish.

3-Gallon Kit = 2 x A (1 Gal) + 1 x B (1 Gal)
15-Gallon Kit = 2 x A (5 Gal) + 1 x B (5 Gal)

Labsurface Epoxy Primer Kit


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