Best Value, High-Performance and Long Working Time Polyaspartic

The LABFAST BASIX is a high-solids, two-component (1A:1B), non-yellowing, polyaspartic for concrete floor coating, commonly used with vinyl flakes. Using the LABTEC Universal Pigment Pods, the colored LABFAST BASIX serves as the base coat, while the clear version is used as a protective topcoat, LABFAST BASIX provide optimal work time/cure time ratio. The utilization of the LABFAST BASIX allows the installation of a full floor system in one single day, with rapid return to service. The LABFAST BASIX displays excellent curing capability even at very low temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability which makes it ideal for exterior applications. We recommend the utilization of the LABTEC vinyl chips in combination with the LABFAST products. Two- or three-coat systems can be considered.

* Depends on R.H. and temperature levels

Labsurface Labfast Basix Kit
Labsurface polyaspartic 2-coat system
Labsurface polyaspartic 3-coat system


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