AQUALAB PUR (Water-Based Polyurethane)

  • VOC-Exempt
  • Full UV Protection
  • Exterior Applications

The AQUALAB PUR is a two-component low-odor water-based aliphatic polyurethane floor coating system which has near-zero VOC. The product has a matte finish and is non-yellowing. It can be applied directly on the concrete or as a protective and decorative layer over Labsurface epoxies (LABPOX Series). The AQUALAB PUR formulation is based on advanced aliphatic water-based polyol technology displaying superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability.  


  • VOC-exempt, potential for LEED eligibility
  • Low odor
  • Resistant to UV (non-yellowing) and very good abrasion resistance
  • Long pot life
  • Application-friendly with low viscosity and auto-leveling properties reducing the risk of roll marks
  • Protects epoxy coatings by providing superior abrasion resistance and a UV barrier that will slow down the yellowing process of epoxies
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • High chemical resistance
  • Impermeability / low moisture sensitivity
  • Matte finish masks surface imperfections
  • High density of the product prevents dirt penetration resulting in low maintenance post application


  • Commercial centers
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Food processing and preparation plants
  • Public facilities including hospitals and schools
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Other industrial, commercial and residential uses

Application Data :

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