Service and Innovation

Labsurface invests tremendously in R&D to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. We offer premium quality products displaying unique mechanical and chemical properties while facilitating the installers’ work routine. 

Technical Support

Labsurface’s team is striving to make every effort to provide the best level of technical support and service to our clients. Our goal is to quickly address customers’ requests and support them when they are facing challenges and/or a difficult working environment.  At the client’s request, we perform tests related to specific jobs having unique characteristics and requirements with the objective to achieve the best final results.

Color Customization

We are equipped with high volume pigment dispersion equipment providing maximum flexibility in terms of color matching and resulting in better quality products.  Colorants can weaken systems and reduce their useful lives significantly. We offer a very quick turnaround for color matching services.

Quality Control

Our employees have many years of experience which ensure optimal product quality starting from production until the final stages of the quality control process. Each batch we manufacture is carefully scrutinized to ensure that quality parameters are tested in accordance with standardized specifications.


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