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Metallic Pigments


Metallic Pigments with Vibrant Colors

Labsurface offers a range of metallic powders with shades of bronze, copper, gold, silver and other vibrant colors. The random patterns obtained with these pigments will create an artistic effect providing a unique character to each project. Our metallic pigments are easy to disperse and offers unparalleled storage stability. It is possible to modify the colors by adding pearl or black mica. Metallic pigments can be used for interior applications only.

Vinyl Chips


A Unique Character to Each Project

Our LABTEC Vinyl Chips are 100% compatible with our LABFAST and LABSHIELD polyaspartics as well as with the LABPOX epoxies. Flake systems are designed for residential, commercial and light industrial applications. Our standard blends are shown below. Customized blends also available upon request. LABTEC Vinyl Chips have a high resistance to UV, resulting in a greater degree of color retention. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

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