LABTEC Vinyl Chips

The LABTEC vinyl chips are 100% compatible our LABFAST and LABSHIELD polyaspartics as well as with the LABPOX epoxies. Flake systems are designed for residential, commercial and light industrial applications such as laboratories, dining rooms, cloakrooms, corridors, offices, waiting rooms or detention centres. The LABTEC Vinyl Chips have high light fastness and can be installed both indoor and outdoor. 

LABTEC vinyl flakes are used in Labsurface’s 2-Coat or 3-Coat polyaspartic systems. On high performance polyaspartic coatings are ideal for a vast range of residential, commercial and light industrial applications. Contact a Labsurface representative for additional information or our polyaspartic flooring systems including applications, curing times and recommended coverage rates.

Available sizes: 1/4 ’’ and 1/16 ’’