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  • Heavy Traffic
  • 100% solids
  • Low Odor
  • Interior
  • UV Protection

LABPOX products can be used both as a basecoat as well as a topcoat. For high traffic applications we recommend using our EPOXY PRIMER. Our primer is an epoxy coating that is high in elongation and contains a low viscosity enabling greater adhesion to your substrate. LABPOX products offer a working time of approximately 60 minutes, low viscosity and are resistant to amine blush. A fast setting version (FAST CURE) is also available with a tack free time of only 4 hours. By using the appropriate LABPOX system, professional installers can achieve optimal results within a desired timeframe. They are also ideally suited for metallic systems. LAPBOX 40 UV has one of the highest UV resistance in the industry (yellowing) which makes it a first-in-class product for applications requiring a superior aesthetic finish. The LABPOX 30 is available in an unlimited choice of colors and the LABPOX 40 UV is available in clear only.

3-Gallon Kit =

A 1gal 1gal + B 1gal  

15-Gallon Kit =

A 5gal 5gal + B 5gal

Download TDS: LABPOX 30 Download TDS: LABPOX 40 UV Download TDS: EPOXY PRIMER


  • 100% Solids
  • Low Odor
  • VOC-Exempt
  • Rapid Curing
  • Interior
  • Exterior

The LABPOX MVB FAST acts as a moisture barrier for concrete floors with high residual humidity (up to 100%) as well as new concrete slabs installed within 28 days. LABPOX MVB FAST is used as a primer prior installing a complete epoxy or polyaspartic system. The product can receive a subsequent layer of coating in as little as 3h30min, thus enabling very rapid commissioning. The product has been formulated with state-of-the-art components and one of the most efficient vapor barrier system in the industry.

2.5-Gallon Kit :

A : 6.67L + B : 2.78L

  • 100% Solids and Odor-Free
  • Superior Mechanical Properties 
  • Superior UV Resistance
  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial 

Standard System

Product Mix Ratio Working Time Tack Free Color / Finish Primer Coat Base Coat Top Coat Protective Coat (Optional)
EPOXY PRIMER (Optional) 2A:1B 45 min 4h Clear/Glossy 4-6 mils      
LABPOX MVB FAST (Optional) 2,4A:1B 20 min 3-3:30h Clear/Gray/Tan/Black/White 16 mils      
LABPOX 30 2A:1B 65 min 10h Unlimited/Glossy   8-10 mils 10-12 mils  
LABPOX 30 FAST CURE 2A:1B 15 min 4h Unlimited/Glossy   8-10 mils 10-12 mils  
LABPOX 40 UV 2A:1B 60 min 9h Clear/Glossy   8-10 mils 10-12 mils  
AQUALAB PUR MATTE (Optional) 5A:1B 20 min 1h Clear/Matte       2 Coats totalling 2-3 mils (dry)


Industrial Grade Products, Superior Aesthetic Finish

LABPOX epoxy lines are two-component epoxy floor coating systems which are 100% solids and odorless. Our formulations are based on high performance cycloaliphatic polyamine technologies displaying outstanding properties and a superior aesthetic finish. Our LABPOX products possess superior mechanical and chemical resistance properties ideally suited for the most demanding applications as well as to obtain an impeccable finish. LABPOX 40 UV possesses one of the best UV resistance (yellowing) in the industry. Our water-based aliphatic polyurethane, AQUALAB PUR MATTE, can be used as a protective layer on LABPOX products as well as a matte finish. We recommend using LABTEC vinyl chips to obtain optimal results when installing a flake system.

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